European Best Medic

Selflessness and Determination – those are the values that are celebrated by the “European Best Medic Award”.
As part of the CMC-Conference this award aims to honor soldiers, police officers or civilian medical personnel, who were actively engaged in the primary care of wounded patients during mission or under tactical terms. But it also addresses those special persons who rendered their life’s work in service of the progress of tactical medicine.

Who can be nominated? Every military, police or civilian medical Personal, who was actively engaged in providing medical treatment to wounded patients under mission/ tactical terms. Or whose life’s work has progressed the development and implementation of TCCC/TEMS.

Who can nominate? Everybody can nominate an honorable comrade

How can I nominate? By using our (… contact form… ) and selecting “European Best Medic” as recipient.

Deadline: June 1st 2023