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The last round mail with all organizational information has been sent on 19.06.2016 to all CMC-participants. Who has not received any email from CMC Office Team (reasons: such as email address incorrectly) can read this email here.

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CMC Conference 2016 Ulm | New Ulm

After the great success of the first Combat Medical Care (CMC) – Conference in 2014 with more than 1,000 participants of 26 nations, we would like to cordially invite you to the next CMC 2016.

Just as the year before, the aim of this event is to exchange experiences in the care of combat related injuries under tactical circumstances within armed conflicts in a military or police setting. This meeting offers an international platform for people interested in the fields of military, law enforcement, disaster medicine and emergency medical services.

The variety of themes, from primary care at the point of injury by specially trained non-medical personnel to emergency medical care and the in-hospital resuscitation to the long-range air transport and the definite care, let expect once again an great international audience.

This year's motto There and back again describes on the one hand the necessity not only to reach the patient in time, but also to leave the danger zone with him safely. In addition, the motto covers the range from the injury to the complete rehabilitation and restoration of combat readiness.

Take the opportunity to participate in this excitedly awaited second international CMC Conference.

Wichtige InfoNews Juni 2016
- Page Congress Center with selection menu
- Page Contact now with form
- In the download-area are maps of accommodation and barracks
- The photocontest is cancelled.
- Program booklet as PDF for download
- Access map for download
posted at 17.June 2016

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